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 Vault Door MODEL: VD 8030
  Interlocking front and rear adjustable    frames slide together to offer superior fit    and accommodate varying wall thickness    of 12.7cm to 20.32cm (5 to 8 inches.)
 - Option: TL-30 Rating is available upon    request
  2.54 cm (1) solid steel thick door with    0.32cm (1/8) inner and outer steel    plates filled with a fire insulating material    that provides a barrier against fire
  10 massive 3.175cm (1-1/4) diameter    chrome bolts that lock into individual bolt    chambers
  Internal release mechanism allows door    to be opened from the inside preventing    accidental lock in
  Attractive Charcoal Gray, Satin Black, or    Satin Blue Finish with polished brass 3-   spoke handle.
  Matching Elegant Scroll Work
  Key Locking Dial (Electronic Lock, or    other locking options available).
  Easy Installation 60 minutes or less
  Minimum Wall Opening Required: 202 cm    Height x 75 cm Width (79-1/2 Height x    29-1/2 Width)
 212 cm H x 93cm W
 83 1/4 H x 29-1/2 W
 Door Opening:
 197cm H x 67cm W
 77 1/2 H x 26 1/2 W
 550 Lbs
 Vault Door MODEL: eGold
  Key-locking, day-gate for use during    business hours .
  Stainless-steel exterior with gold or    mirror trim gives an exceptional    appearance to the ultra high-strength    concrete and steel construction
  Tapered roller hinges for smooth, easy    movements
  Built in vault ventilator, heat sensor and    door contacts for added safety and    security
  Re-settable, snap-action,triple    movement time locks reduce potential    over winding
  Optional customer logo on inside door    panel
  Wall Opening Required: 198.1 cm H X    91cm W (78 H x 36W)
  Available for UL Class I,Class II,Class III    specifications
  UL 608 Burglary Resistant Rating
  Available for Left or Right Swing    applications
  Give us your requirements for a quotation